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Ayres Mx

Ayres is inspired by the pre-Hispanic culture of Mexico and seeks to reflect it in its pieces with a contemporary approach.

The fundamental basis of Ayres is to work with artisans in different regions of Mexico.

Karim and Joana, design their pieces and create –along with different groups of artisans– unique contemporary pieces. Therefore, their materials and processes are loaded with the intimacy and emotions of the hands that manufacture them.

Karim Molina is a Venezuelan publicist. She worked for many years in advertising agencies, studied Textile Design in Buenos Aires. Her first stop in Mexico was in Mérida, where she won a contest to create the costumes for a play by the contemporary dance school Cressida Danza. In Mérida she met Joana and the will to create, as well as a taste for aesthetics, was what united them in this company.

Joana Valdez is an industrial designer. Originally from Mérida, she started with a jewelry project 8 years ago. In 2017 she obtained recognition in Forbes magazine as one of the most creative Mexicans for his participation with Ayres in the ADORNO International Design Collaboration exhibition in Copenhagen, where they shared space with designers from London, Berlin and Madrid.

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