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Veoveo creates comfortable fun clothes with a lot of design that allow children to play while wearing them. In a world full of Fast Fashion a new alternative emerges to improve the future of children.

The idea was born with the arrival of the first daughter of Veoveo’s founders, Loli Bros, graphic designer and publicist, and Leandro Pauloni, advertising and editorial illustrator, who complemented their knowledge with clothing manufacturing and design.

Veoveo is an avant-garde brand of children's clothing, 100% Mexican, with a low environmental impact and a social commitment based on Slow Fashion.

By 2020 all Veoveo production will be made with 90% natural fibers, certified organic cotton, bamboo fibers and regenerated plastic fibers from fishing nets recovered from the seabed and recycled bottles will be used.

Each garment is unique, made by few people and sold for a fair price.

Catalog of Pieces

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