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Textitlán began with the intention of supporting people and artisans dedicated to crafts in the southern part of Mexico, in this case, in Campeche.
In several towns and areas of Campeche the weaving of hammocks is very traditional. The hammock warping technique has been shared from generation to generation. At Textitlán we design hammocks with a different and unique touch, inspired by the traditional hammock.
We have grown day by day. More and more families and groups of artisans with knowledge of hammock weaving have joined our brand and the process of making each of our products.
Each order brings them an economic income and this has been the main purpose of our brand. An infinite chain of favors.
Our brand intends to have organic growth and at the same time build connections with more people. That new ideas, new products and a constant economic support to people who need it are generated.
We are and exist thanks to each of our clients. Thanks for being here, welcome to our project.

Catalog of Pieces

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