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All our items have been manufactured by the hands of the best Mexican designers and artisans under highly demanding quality standards.
Bazaar Sábado participates in fair trade and encourages it by rewarding the work of the people involved in the manufacture of all our products, as well as fostering recognition of the value of each idea, process and result.
Your purchase is protected at all times, from leaving our Bazaar until it arrives to your door. If the article does not please your expectations and you live in Mexico City, you can return free of charge.


A molcajete (from náhuatl molcaxitl) is a stone mortar and pestle, similar to Bolivian batán, used for grinding different kinds of food like salsas or guacamole dip.

Design: Ayres México.

Measurements: 4.5 x 2.5 inch (11.5 cm x 6.5 cm).

Material: tzalam wood and carved volcanic rock.

Technique: handcrafted.

Care and maintenance: wash with brush, water, soap. Grind raw corn with the mallet stone (tejolote). It’s normal if dust come off because there are non-toxic minerals from the stone. Also it is normal if bowl gets dark when it is in contac with oils because the volcanic stone is a porous and natural material.