La plataforma Bazaar Sabado utiliza cookies y tecnologías similares para ayudar a proporcionar, proteger y mejorar la Plataforma. Si hace clic aquí, puede ver nuestra Política de cookies. Si elige rechazar las cookies, algunas secciones de la plataforma pueden no funcionar como se esperaba.

Cookies Policy

The platform of Bazaar Sabado uses cookies and similar technologies to help provide, protect and improve the Platform. This policy explains how and why we use these technologies and the options available to you.
A cookie is a small file of information that is installed in your device (ex. your smartphone or your computer). Por example, a cookie may allow us to recognize your browser and another one could store your preferences. In the platform of Bazaar Sabado we use 2 types of cookies:
“Session cookie” and “Permanent cookies”
Session cookies, normally expire when you close your browser, while permanent cookies will continue in your device after you have closed your browser and may continue being used again when you access our platform again.
Also, we use other technologies that present a similar functionality to the cookies, as web beacons, pixels and mobile identifiers and URL follow up addresses to obtain registration information.

Your options
The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can access your browser configuration to reject them by accessing the Help section of the tool bar.
Flash cookies work differently than navigation cookies and cannot be eliminated with the existent management tools in the web browsers. To obtain more information about how to manage Flash cookies you can visit Adobe’s website and do the corresponding changes.
It is possible that your mobile device may allow you to control cookies through the adjustment’s functions. Consult the instructions of the device to obtain more information.
If you opt to reject cookies, it is possible that some sections of the platform may not work as they should or do not work at all.